Aiko Tezuka

Afternoon of Abundance


7 June – 16 August 2019


opening reception    7 June, 6 – 9 pm



 "Fragile Surface (daydream) 2019-003",2019, unravelled fabric, 61 x 38 cm

Aiko Tezuka’s works are deeply connected to the experience of time, connecting and disconnecting, becoming done and undone. As something that endures some process and has a past. The choice of the textile medium emphasizes that dimension of time and materiality of the artwork. The visual pleasure accompanies her art and addresses a contemporary taboo of beauty and wants to rescue the decorative dimension of art, still primarily conceptual.


Presented artworks give an impression of a moment when the image becomes mature that has a kind of beauty that could decompose, if the process of undoing the canvas continued just like life continues in becoming old and eventually in death. "Afternoon of Abundance" is the expression for the moment of fulfillment at the verge of decline. Afternoon is a very pleasant time of the day, still full of energy, but not completely open for the new. It rather finishes, what has been initiated before. It represents the last moment before the decline of the day, an implicit feeling of the night coming. A satisfactory afternoon sounds like a pleasure that hides the fact that it does not last forever, but it is just a stage in earthly time.




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